For me, the show truly came to life with the introduction of one of the most memorable characters (Artful Dodger) and the show-stopping number “Consider Yourself.” The twist? Dodger is (spoiler alert!) played by a woman (Kayla Matters,) which threw me. Matters has an amazing voice and sparkles, but it took me a few minutes to adjust. Kayla is really, really good; therefore I embraced this “twist” and applauded her performance along with the crowd
— Jonathan Charles Fox, The River Reporter
One of the finest voices on stage belongs to Kayla Matters, who plays the role of the head pickpocket, The Artful Dodger. She is nimble of foot, cheerful of purpose, and blessed with a superlative vocal sound, which is showcased in the captivating and clever “I’d Do Anything.
— Carol Montana, The Times Herald-Record